All you need to know about creating an email template in salesforce

email templates salesforce
Every firm needs to have email templates designed so that communications are properly managed. Email templates assist an organisation to deal properly with the leads,users and contacts of the accounts. Email templates properly branded are essential for creating long term and lasting impacts on the recipients. Emails should be readable and at the same time should be able to reflect the companies brand when sending emails to people outside of the organisation.

Using templates can save time and help in standardising the emails that are sent. In salesforce you can create your own templates or use the ones already created by other users. You can also use the sample templates provided by salesforce. To send an email you can go to the record, open the activity tab and then click the email tab. Select the template you want, preview the content, edit as needed and send the mail.
Email template in salesforce allows to create predefined email templates that can be sent to contacts, leads and others. To create new email template you need to navigate inset to >> Communicate Templates >> Email Templates >> Click on New Template

email templates salesforce

There are four different types of email templates that can be created in salesforce. Below are the four types:
1. Text
2. HTML using Letterhead
3. Custom without using Letterhead
4. Visualforce

These are plain text emails which can be sent to those who cant read HTML and prefer plain text emails. These can also include merge fields. To include merge fields you need to select the object first and then the field , this gives the merge field expression which is to be copied in the email template body as seen in below screenshot. All users have the ability to create or modify an email template.

In order to create an HTML templates based on letterhead user needs to have "EDIT HTML Templates" permission on the profile. The look and feel of this type of template is defined by the letterhead used. Logo, colour and text are inherited from the letterhead of the template.

email templates salesforce

While creating a new HTML letter template you need to select a existing letterhead and also need to use proper email layout as per your needs. The folder where you want the template to reside has also to be selected.

email templates salesforce

Custom HTML :
User need to have "Edit HTML Templates" permissions in order to create custom HTML templates. This kind of template is to built with HTML so you need to know the HTML or obtain the HTML code and insert it in the body. In this case you need not use pre existing letterhead and need to build the whole template using HTML

Visualforce Templates:
This type of email templates can be created by administrators and developers. This type of email templates allow for advanced merging and can contain data from multiple records. Sending mass email using visualforce email template is not allowed. Visualforce email template allow for dynamic content like recipient location or type, it also has multilingual support. Visualforce templates allow dynamic attachment based on salesforce data.

email templates salesforce

The visualforce email template content has to be written with in components <messaging:emailTemplate> </messaging:emailTemplate>. There are other components that has to be used for writing the either plain text or HTML body. Component for including attachments, email header.

Note below things while creating an email template in salesforce.
1. You need to mark the template as Available for Use else you wont be able to use it for communication.
2. You can send test mail to user, related record or an email id to test the mail and check for merge fields.

email templates salesforce

Text, Custom HTML, and Letterhead email templates can be used in Lightning Experience however you cant use visualforce email template in Lightning experience.

Considerations while using salesforce classic templates in lightning experience.
- In order to display classic email templates you must include templateId field in the lightning email action layout.
- Attachment are read only in lightning experience and cant be added or removed.
- Externally Linked CSS files are not supported.

Text Emails: Both subject and Body can be edited.
Custom HTML Template:  You cant edit the subject or body
Letterhead email template: You can edit subject but cant edit header and footer

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