Salesforce Interview Question Answers for Developers Part 1

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1. What is a custom label?
Ans - Custom labels are used to store static string values which can be used coding i.e in apex or visualforce pages. They can also be used for language translation, i.e we can define values in different languages and use them in apex/visualforce pages. There is a limit on the length of the string that can be stored in label.

2. What are the different actions available in workflow?
Ans - A workflow has following actions
Field update - either of the same object or cross object field update(In case of some objects only)
task create - create and assign the task to a user
email alert -  send a email to user or group of user with a selected email template Outboud messages - send field values as outboud message to desired url link

3. What are the different api's available in salesforce?
Ans - The API's provided by salesforce include - SOAP API, REST API, METADATA API, BULK API
SOAP - SOAP API can be used to create, retrieve, update or delete records, can be used with any language that supports web services
REST - Its a REST-based Web services interface for interacting with Salesforce application
METADATA - cab be used retrieve, deploy, create, update, or delete customisations in the salesforce organisation. This can be used in making tools that can manage metadata within the org
BULK - It is based on rest api principle and can be used for loading or deleting large set of data

4. What is a role hierarchy?
Ans -Role hierarchy is a tree that places one role below the other. A role can have many child's but a role can have only one immediate parent. Roles are basically used for setting record level access using OWD. When an object has share records using role hierarchy it means the the user placed higher in role hierarchy will get access to the records owned by the users placed lower in the role hierarchy. Standard objects records are always shared using role hierarchy. It can be disabled only for custom objects.

5. What are different object relationships in salesforce?
Ans -Salesforce objects can be related to each other using following relationships
Look up relationship, Master detail relationship, many to many relationship,self relationship(hierarchical relationship)
Lookup Relationship - This can be created using a simple lookup field on the child. Default settings does not make the field mandatory however it can be made mandatory by setting so.
Master Detail Relationship - This can be set up using master detail relationship field. A master record when deleted deletes the detail records. With this kind of relationship we can create roll up summary fields on master object. Note that a master object can never be a detail object.
Many to many Relationship - this can be developed with a junction object which has two master detail fields to the two objects.

6. What is a formula field?
Ans -A formula field is a read only field that calculates at run time and returns output depending on the expression used in its definition. It is updated every time the source field values are changed. It can have return type as any of the below,
  • checkbox 
  • currency 
  • date 
  • datetime 
  • number 
  • percent 
  • text

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