Salesforce Interview Question and Answers For Developers Part 6

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31. What are custom controllers?
Ans - Custom controller is nothing but a apex class that associates itself with a visualforce page that does not use any standard controller. All of the visualforce functionality is custom defined and no standard page functionality is directly available. In a visualforce page the custom controller is defined by keyword controller. ex <apex page controller ="mycustController" >

32. How can standardcontroller functionality be extended?
Ans - This can be done using associating a class using extensions.

 33. Can a visualforce have more than one extenssions?
Ans - Yes, a standard controller can have more than one extension.
34. How can you place an entire visualforce page in another visualforce page?
Ans - This can be done using attribute include. We have to just specify the name of the visualforce page and include this attribute in our visualforce page.

35. What are various standard exceptions that salesforce throws?
Ans - salesforce throws number of standard exception . Some of the important ones are as below-
 dmlexception, listexception, email exception, calloutexception, JSONexception, mathexception, Queryexception, sObjectexception, xmlexception, typeexception, visualforceexception, stringexception, searchexception, nullpointerexception, noaccessexception,

36. What is the significance of profile?
Ans - A profile is associated with a user. Every user will have a profile. A profile is used to define a user's permission to do various functions within Salesforce. A profile controls various permission as below, (Object permissions, tab,record type, report type, application permission, visualforce pages, classes, login hours, ip ranges from where user can log in, field permission, pagelayouts

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