Salesforce Developer Interview Question and Answers For Developers Part 7

37. What are the various ways of deployment in salesforce?
Ans - Metadata components in salesforce can be deployed using various ways as below
         Change set, Eclipse IDE, ANT, Workbench
38. What is an account team?
Ans - Account team is group of users that work on a articular account. The users in a account team can be given access depending on the need. A account team appears as related list on account.
39. How to override a custom button on object with a visualforce page?
Ans - Inorder to override a button with a visualforce page the page needs to use standard controller of that obejct. For example a account button can be overriden with visualforce page provided the page uses account standard controller.
Ex   <apex page standardcontroller ="Account">
40. What are various email templates types available in salesforce?
Ans - Email templates used in salesforce could be text, html, custom html or visualforce type

41. What is the difference between rendered and rerender in visualforce page?
Ans - rendered can be used to hide or show a particular section of the page. It is mapped to a boolean variable that can set which shows or hides or executes that section or component. Rerender is used to refresh a section or component of the page. In Rerender the ids of the section need to be specified comma separated.
42. How can you expose a apex class as web service? and how to obtain a wsdl file for exposed class?
Ans - In order to expose a class as a webservice we have to use keyword 'webservice' with the method also the method should be global and also the class should be defined global. ex-
Global class webClass{
 global webservices void mymethod(){
A wsdl file for a apex class can be obtained by using the button generate wsdl on class.

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