salesforce interview questions for developers 15

153. What is the maximum allowed time limit while making a callout to external service in apex?
Ans - maximum of 120 second time limit is enforced while making callout to external service

154. How can you expose an apex class as a REST web service in salesforce?
Ans - An apex class can be exposed as REST web service by using keyword '@RestResource'

155. What are custom controllers?
Ans - Custom controller is an apex class that implements all of the logic for a vf page without leveraging standard controller

156. Can a custom controller class accept arguments?
Ans - No. A custom controller cannot accept any arguments and must use a no argument constructor for outer class.

157. What different type of method can be defined for VF controllers?
Ans - getter methods, setter methods and action methods

158. What are getter methods, setter methods?
Ans - Getter methods retrieve data from controller while setter methods pass data from page to controller.

159.What is Organisation Wide Default in salesforce?

Ans - Organization wide default is used to set default access level for various standard objects and all custom objects. Default access can be set as Public read only, Public read write, Public read write and transfer for different objects. For example if the record access level is set to private then the records will be accessible only to owners, users above in role hierarchy and if it shared using manual sharing.

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